Introducing Matterport 3D Tours

In January of this year, we purchased the Matterport camera and software system to provide 360 degree, 3D virtual tours and professional photography for our listings. With this technology, any listings can be virtually showcased so that buyers can “walk-through” and look around the property as if they were there in person. Little did we know how valuable that investment would be when just a few months later, the entire real estate industry would shift to a virtual environment due to the outbreak of COVID-19. In February of this year, before any of the wide-spread shutdowns began, Realty Times reported that “84% of home buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet, of those homes seen online, listings with virtual tours receive 50% more views” (Ripton, 2020). Those statistics have likely exponentially increased since then. Over the last six months, we have utilized this amazing technology for our listings, and we are thrilled to officially announce that we are able to offer this service to all of our clients.

Some of the really cool features that we can offer through Matterport are:

  • Professional quality photographs.

  • Feature videos and guided tours.

  • Incorporate Mattertags™ with texts, links, and videos to highlight specifics about the property.

  • 3d Dollhouse view with a full floor plan of the property

  • and more!


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