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Dear Tenants, 

We are in the process of updating all of our tenant files. People change their contact information over time and we want to ensure that we have the correct information in the event of an emergency. Please use the forms below to update your information. Please provide an answer for every applicable box. Also, please sign the Tenant Insurance Addendum (located at the bottom of this page) electronically. Be sure to click the submit button for each form before you exit out of the webpage.

Thank You, 


LL Moody Properties, LLC. 

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Tenant Information Update Form

Please fill out the form below and make sure that you include the most RECENT contact information. 

Please provide contact information for the adult tenants responsible for paying the rent. 

Tentant #1
Tentant #2

Please list the names and ages of any other authorized occupants. 

Please list the Make, Model, and License Plate for all authorized vehicles. 

Pets are allowed at some properties with prior approval from the landlord and a $250.00 pet deposit per pet. Violations of the pet policies are subject to eviction. Please list the breed, sex, age, and color/markings for each pet at this location.

Please list the name(s), phone number(s), and address(s) for anyonoe not living with you who should be contacted in the event of an emergency. 

Please upload a current copy of the drivers license or state issued ID for the adult tenants responsible for paying the rent.

Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for updating your information. Please revisit this page in the event that any of your information changes.

Tenant Insurance Addendum

TENANT(s) understands and agrees that TENANT's personal property is not insured by LL Moody Properties, LLC, referred to as LESSOR. Generally, except for under special circumstances, the LESSOR is not legally responsible for losses or damages. Tenant acknowledges that the LESSOR's insurance does will not cover any damages to TENANT's personal property or for TENANT's personal liability, and TENANT agrees to save and hold the LESSOR harmless from any claim for damages. FURTHERMORE, the TENANT agrees to save and hold the LESSOR harmless from any claim from damages to Tenant's personal property arising from any cause, including fire, leakage from plumbing, leakage from roofs, weather, unreported mold, or any other water damage. 

If damages or injury to the LESSOR's property is caused by TENANT or TENANT's guest(s), the LESSOR's insurance company may have the right to sue the TENANT to recover payments made to the LESSOR. This is referred to as "subrogation". In other words, after the insurance company had paid LL Moody Properties, LLC for damages that you caused, the insurance company may go after you for the full amount of money paid out. At the very least, you will be expected to pay the LESSOR's deductible on the insurance policy. 

The LESSOR advises TENANT(s) to procure a renter's insurance policy for protection against personal property losses and liability claims. The LESSOR does not recommend any particular company. The cost of the TENANT's insurance policy is reasonable considering the peace of mind, protection, and financial security that rental insurance provides. 

Thanks for submitting!

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